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Corporate Partnership

This list represents operational costs that can be met through donations and in-kind services. By helping us to meet these needs, other resources can then be allocated to DCAT programs.

Please contact us if you can provide any of the below gifts or in-kind services or if you would like to suggest contributions not listed here.

Benefits to our Partners

Architecture & Engineering Firms

Innovative and more sustainable design and construction projects are often delayed or complicated by code-related problems, requiring considerable time and expense to gain approvals. This can undermine both the designer-client relationship and the quality of the built project. DCAT’s work to address these challenges, both within building regulatory institutions and with designers and builders, is helping open the door to alternative strategies and expand the options of architects and engineers to effectively implement their designs.

Materials Suppliers & Product Manufacturers

DCAT works with the building codes community to assist in the transition to more earth-friendly materials and systems. As a result of technical information and training on alternative approaches, code officials can better assess the benefits and risks associated with both alternative and mainstream materials and products. This educational work is creating a more level playing field, increasing the opportunity for acceptance of sustainable solutions.

Builders, Developers & Contractors

DCAT works to systematically address the causes for rejection of alternative construction approaches. We do this by providing tools for regulatory officials to better understand both the need for, and the technical merits of more sustainable building. Addressing these problems is critical for moving these practices into the mainstream, especially for large-scale builders. Our programs are providing the necessary information and linkages for “mainstreaming green.”

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